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Course Staff


Anca Dragan

I am an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. I run the InterACT Lab: Interactive Autonomy and Collaborative Technologies. Previously, I was a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute and a member of the Personal Robotics Lab. My research interests are in algorithmic human-robot interaction, and lie at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and HCI. My goal is to enable robots to work with and around people, and I employ techniques from optimal control, manipulation, Bayesian inference, and cognitive science to do so.

Head GSI

Davis Foote

Davis is a 4th year undergraduate in EECS and Math. He has previously taught CS 61A, CS 70, and CS 170 in various capacities, has been a TA for 188 four times, and was a lecturer for 188 last summer. He does research in Pieter Abbeel's robot learning lab, previously having worked on optimization and algorithms for reinforcement learning and currently working on unsupervised feature extraction from raw audio. After graduating he will be going to Google Brain to work on deep learning for medical diagnosis systems. He used to play guitar in a prog metal band, but hasn't had much time to do anything too serious with music for a while due to his competitive Pokémon career.


Anwar Baroudi

Hi! I'm Anwar, a junior majoring in computer science. Along with 188, I spend a lot of time teaching, both as a part of CSMentors and as a TA for the iOS DeCal. I am also doing research in Berkeley's BiD lab, and spend whatever of my time is left over asleep in whatever sunny, grassy patch I can find

Richard Zhang

I am a PhD student advised by Professor Alexei (Alyosha) Efros. I obtained my BS and MEng degrees from Cornell University in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). My research interests are in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Graphics, and Sensor Fusion.


Francois Beletti

After a MSc in applied math at École Polytechnique, I first used AI in the field at JP Morgan as part of the trading optimization team. I loved the experience and decided to further explore scalable machine learning to enable the fast training of complex models with massive data sets. My research at AmpLab and now RiseLab focuses on my passion: time series analysis. Lately, I have established some theoretical and experimental properties regarding the use of random projections and multi task deep learning to train time series models and update them with policy gradients in the context of RL. Research on stochastic processes is not my only passion as I (lack the time to) play the guitar. I also love cats about as much as I am allergic to them.

Vitchyr Pong

I'm a first year PhD student working with Prof. Sergey Levine on deep reinforcement learning. Random hobbies I’ve tried: Ultimate, hockey, soccer, swing dancing, salsa, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, Overwatch, Melee, foosball, and various board games. I’m always down to try something new! I also like learning about machine learning, philosophy, and math/computer science in general.

Ruoxi Jia

Ruoxi is a forth yeah Ph.D. student in EECS working with Costas Spanos. Her research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and control. She is currently working on quantifying the utility of gigantic sensory data pertaining to people’s location, motion, etc and its trade-off with privacy. Outside of lab, you may spot Ruoxi running in the Berkeley hills, exploring delicious food, and watching animation movies.

Taesung Park

Taesung is a first-year Ph.D. student in computer vision, advised by Prof. Alyosha Efros. Before joining UC Berkeley, he spent 6 years at another school nearby, dreaming about how I could join the best AI research institute at Cal. Taesung likes to play with photographs and images. 

Paria Rashidinejad

Paria is a second year Ph.D. student in EECS working with Prof. Stuart Russell. She is currently working on developing a model-based probabilistic inference method that can be applied to data in intensive care units. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, designing, and painting.

Xiang Cheng

I am a third year PhD student studying machine learning (did my undergrad at Berkeley too), current interests are in MCMC sampling and convex optimization. I like reading novels in my free time.

Won Park

Won is a third-year undergraduate from Cupertino studying computer science. He is currently doing research with Professor Wagner, studying how to use phone sensors to infer device location. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, playing lots of games, and taking photos.

Nick Rose

Hi I'm Nick, a fourth year CS student. I'm super fascinated by machine and reinforcement learning, as well as cooking, skiing, and jamming on my saxophone or piano or guitar. In my free time, I'll go try out new food places and work on my side projects. Sometimes I write about AI related topics--here's a shameless plug: Looking forward to a great semester!

Andrew Liu

Hi! I'm Andrew (YuXuan) and I'm a third year EECS major. I'm interested in research in robotics and reinforcement learning under Professor Abbeel. My favorite memes are DJ Khaled and John Cena. In my free time I like tweak jailbroken iPhones and find deals on Slickdeals. Feel free to chat with me about your favorite memes or machine learning algorithms!

Jacky Liang

Hey guys! My name is Jacky and I'm a 3rd year EECS student. I love creating music! (improvising on the piano and just now getting into harmonicas). I believe emacs is better than vim and atom is better than sublime, and in a perfect world all tabs should be replaced with 3 spaces. I'm doing research in robotic grasping and learning from demonstrations under Professor Goldberg's Automation Lab - feel free to talk to me about that! Excited to meet y'all for a great semester of 188!

Glen Chou

Hi, I’m Glen and I’m a fourth year undergraduate studying EECS and Mechanical Engineering. My research interests lie at the interface of control, machine learning, and optimization, and I currently work on developing efficient path and motion planning algorithms for robots and UAVs. In my free time, I love to watch movies (especially indie and sci-fi), hiking and camping, exploring new music, and playing board games.

Derrick Lin

I’m a 3rd year CS major from Cerritos, California. I’ve TAed for CS 61A for a couple of years. Interested in AI and machine learning. Looking forward to the semester with you!

Alex Ku

Alex is a fourth-year undergraduate, majoring in Computer Science. He was previously a TA for Data 8 and is currently researching with Joey Gonzalez (and Francois!) in the RISE lab on time series analysis as well as with Tom Griffiths in the computational cognitive science lab. In his spare time, Alex is a big foodie and enjoys hiking and cooking (a lot).

Smitha Milli

Smitha Milli is a fourth-year undergraduate in EECS. She has done research in artificial intelligence with Stuart Russell, computational cognitive science with Tom Griffiths, and natural language processing with Marti Hearst and David Bamman. She has previously TAd for CS 70: Discrete Math and Probability and CS 189: Machine Learning. In her free time she enjoys talking to strangers and reads a lot of nonfiction and fiction (aka has a mild obsession with Haruki Murakami).

Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil is a third year undergraduate student studying EECS and Engineering Math/Stats. Pretty early in his college life he realized he really enjoyed talking about the incredibly cool stuff he was learning to anyone willing to listen. Since then, he's been a TA for CS 70 twice, and is now teaching 188 for his second time. In his free time, Nikhil loves to run, marathon Netflix, and visit new restaurants. Never hesitate to strike up a conversation with him, class related or not!


David Harrison

David is a second year CS major. He took CS 188 last semester and knows your struggle. He has previously been a TA for CS 61A and a CS Mentor for CS 61A and 70. In his free time, he enjoys functional programming, cooking, hiking and music.