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Managing Markets for Health


The Global Financing Facility's Managing Markets for Health (MM4H): A Core Course for Health Policy Practitioners

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The role of private healthcare providers, distributors, retailers and other actors in health systems has grown significantly in the past 20 years. Consequently, market forces influence the healthcare systems of developing countries more than ever before. Still, many countries are struggling to devise strategies to effectively influence healthcare markets and engage private providers.

Have you felt frustrated by the challenge of influencing healthcare markets through policy action? Are you unsure how to effectively include private sector partners in your national health strategy? Do you want to support policymakers to better understand and establish dialogue with private entities - but are unsure about how? Are you interested in pursuing public-private partnerships, but are unsure where to start? Then this course is for you!

We welcome you to take our course: Managing Markets for Health (MM4H): A Core Course for Health Policy Practitioners. This is available as an online course, and will run March 19-30, 2018.

This course is delivered through instructor-led learning and self-study, and is targeted at health policy practitioners working in low- and middle-income countries. It introduces participants to the Managed Markets for Health (MM4H) approach for systematically analysing, designing and implementing policies to steer private actors to contribute to sustained health and equity outcomes.

The course has been designed and is delivered by world-leading experts on private sector health policy with a mix of academic and practical experience. Faculty will guide you through concepts and case studies that showcase the challenges of implementing policies to bring about change in a health market system. For those with unreliable internet connections, course material can be downloaded. The course is instructed in English but all the materials will also be available in French.

The online course will be followed by a face-to-face workshop for a limited number of individuals, in which multi-stakeholder teams will be guided to put the learning from the online modules to more practical use in defining specific private sector engagement strategies suited to their country context.

*No fees or tuition are required. You should expect to spend about 10 hours on course work in each of the two weeks of the course. Following successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

The Teaching Team

Dr. Mark Hellowell

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Mark Hellowell teaches in the Global Public Health Unit at the University of Edinburgh, where he directs postgraduate programmes in health systems and global health policy. His research focuses on the public/private interface in healthcare. He is special adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee on public-private partnerships, and an advisor to several global health and development agencies in the evaluation and implementation of market interventions efforts in the health sector.

Barbara O’Hanlon

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Barbara O’Hanlon is a recognized leader in international health policy design and implementation with 30 years’ experience. Barbara is a pioneer in the areas of private sector policy reforms, public-private dialogue, and partnerships. In the last ten years, she has worked with several African Ministries of Health to conduct private health sector assessments, analyse health markets for private sector opportunities, formulate health PPP policies, establish PPP units, and implement health services PPPs.

Mirja Sjoblom

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Mirja Sjoblom is a senior economist with the World Bank’s Global Practice on Health, Nutrition and Population. She joined the Global Financing Facility in January 2016. She advises countries across the globe on issues related to health financing and strategies for engaging private sector providers in health service delivery. She has published various articles and co-authored books on topics related to market system interventions, health systems performance, international migration and gender.

Albert Domingo

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Albert Domingo is a health systems and public policy specialist and global public health practitioner. He is a physician with MSc in Health Systems and Public Policy and has nine years of experience in global public health at both country and international levels, working most recently with the WHO on strengthening health systems through the focus areas of non-communicable diseases and sexual and reproductive health. He is the course tutor for MM4H online.

Sneha Kanneganti

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Sneha Kanneganti is a Health Specialist leading private sector engagement for the Global Financing Facility, which includes innovative financing, private sector partnerships, and technical assistance to country governments on private sector in health systems. Prior to the GFF, Sneha was with the global Health Investments team at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, and has also worked with the World Bank on developing its private sector strategy for health. She is a physician with clinical experience across the public and private health sectors.

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