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On the Engineering Software as a Service textbook's website you can find:

Reference guides/cheat sheets

These are not tutorials, but rather reference documentation. ("I know there's something called form_tag but I forget how to use it.")

    • Rails reference documentation (4.2.9)
    • Ruby (v2.3.1) core: language reference (if, case, etc), "core" classes like Hash and Array, "core" modules like Enumerable and Comparable…
    • Ruby  standard library: utility classes for reading CSV files, doing I/O, using YAML or JSON or XML, generating random numbers…
    • Rubular, for testing out regular expressions
    • HTML5 cheat sheet—note that "visual" styles for text such as <strike>, <b> etc. should be avoided, instead using CSS to define those styles
    • Simple CSS cheatsheet by example
    • Capybara cheat sheet by example—most of your questions about writing and running Cucumber scenarios will really be about Capybara, the framework that "pretends to be a user" and can manipulate web pages.

Tutorial-like guides

Try the actual tutorials (links at top of this page) if you want a refresher on the concepts behind each framework.