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The Customs and Traditions of Afghanistan: Pashtunwali and Its Foundations

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About this course

Learn the Customs and Tradtions of Afghanistan:Pashtunwali and Its Foundations.
You will learn the main principles of Pashtunwali which set out a complete guide of customs and traditions of Afghanistan that shape the society’s approach toward life. You will also learn how the Afghan community treats guests, visitors and strangers and their expectations from guests, visitors, and strangers. The course further extends the discussion of the bravery, loyalty to territory, human rights, defense of the weak, defense of honor, collective work and cooperation, and justice implementation. Moreover, participants will learn about the main approach to decision making and dispute resolution, the Jirga, and compare its procedures, impacts and legal aspects with world’s past and current democratic systems.

Participants will watch videos, movies, and documentaries and will work individually and in groups to compare the Afghan customary law, the Pashtunwali, with other legal systems in their own communities. You will read and work on case studies to learn how all these principles of Pashtunwali are applied in any aspect of the life of the Afghan community and to transfer the knowledge and seek the possibility of implementation of these principles in their communities.

What you'll learn


General knowledge of the Afghan history and culture is recommended.

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