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Data Intensive Scientific Computing (DISC)


About This Course

This short course is an introduction to topics in Data Intensive Scientific Computing suitable for both graduate and undergraduate students as an on-ramp to research. Topics include cluster architecture, distributed batch systems, workflow systems, concurrent programming, filesystems, and networks. The course is broken into seven lectures with brief knowledge check questions, with technical tutorials spaced every two lectures. The total course effort is approximately equal to that of a one-credit semester seminar. Anyone is welcome to register, view the lectures, and take the quizzes. However, only students enrolled at Notre Dame will have their work officially graded.


  • Experience programming in a general purpose language like C, Java, Python, or Perl.
  • Working knowledge of the Unix/Linux environment.

Course Staff

Prof. Douglas Thain

Prof. Douglas Thain

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Prof. Paul Brenner

Prof. Paul Brenner

Associate Director, Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame

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