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Learning@Scale 2016 Flipped Conference


About This Course

This is the online component of the Learning@Scale 2016 conference.

Course Editors

Course Staff Image #1

Piotr Mitros

Piotr Mitros is the Chief Scientist of edX, and the author of the platform which became Open edX.

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Ido Roll

Ido Roll is Senior Manager for Research and Evaluation in the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) in the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Conference Chairs

Jeff Haywood, Vincent Aleven, Judy Kay, Ido Roll

Full Papers Presented

  • Improving the Peer Assessment Experience on MOOC Platforms
  • Graders as Meta-Reviewers: Simultaneously Scaling and Improving Expert
  • Learning Transfer: Does It Take Place in MOOCs? An Investigation into the Uptake of Functional Programming in Practice
  • The Role of Social Media in MOOCs: How to Use Social Media to Enhance Student Retent

Short Papers Presented

  • ASSISTments Dataset from Multiple Randomized Controlled Experiments
  • Beetle-Grow: An Effective Intelligent Tutoring System for Data Collection
  • Beyond Traditional Metrics: Using Automated Log Coding to Understand 21st Century Learning Online
  • Challenge and Potential of Fine Grain, Cross-Institutional Learning Data
  • Designing for Open Learning: Design Principles and Scalability Affordances in Practice
  • Designing Videos with Pedagogical Strategies: Online Students' Perceptions of Their Effectiveness
  • Evaluating the student experience in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Expert Evaluation of 300 Projects per Day
  • Exploring the effects of lightweight social incentives on learner performance in MOOCs
  • A Framework for Topic Generation and Labeling from MOOC Discussions
  • Instructor Dashboards in edX
  • Identifying Student Misunderstandings using Constructed Responses
  • Learning About Teaching in Low-Resource Indian Contexts
  • Learning Student and Content Embeddings for Personalized Lesson Sequence Recommendation
  • Optimizing the Amount of Practice in an On-Line Learning Platform
  • A Queueing Network Model for Spaced Repetition
  • Studying Learning at Scale with the ASSISTments TestBed
  • TAPS: A MOSS Extension for Detecting Software Plagiarism at Scale
  • Towards Cross-domain MOOC Forum Post Classification
  • The Unexpected Pedagogical Benefits of Making Higher Education Accessible

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