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How to Become an Online Learner

by Kiron

About this course

By completing this MOOC, you will take your first step towards becoming a successful Kiron student. It will cover the special challenges of online learning, motivational issues, learning techniques and useful tips on how to get support from your online community or to manage your time resources.

Regardless of whether you already have experience with online learning, this MOOC is highly recommended as your first course on Kiron Campus

What you’ll learn

  • How to explain the key characteristics of online learning and the differences to traditional offline classes
  • How to develop an individual system of motives and personal terms of success for your learning experience
  • How to create your own mental and physical spaces for successfully studying online
  • How to use your online community to support your own learning process and to support others
  • How to apply time management and GTD techniques to create an effective personal learning schedule
  • How to explain and apply central concepts and tools of learning, like chunking or interleaving


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Your instructor team

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        Head of Student Communication
        and Student Recruitment at Kiron
  5. html cleaner    Natalie
        Online Student
        at MINERVA
  8. html cleaner    Danilo
        Online Student
        at MINERVA
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