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Making Your Health Facility Young People Friendly


Making Your Health Facility Young People Friendly

In this course, we will discuss some of the aspects of understanding and working with young people visiting your health facility.

We will discuss a range of topics around providing care for adolescents and their families, in order to help your practice in becoming more young person aware and accessible.

We will facilitate case study discussions, brainstorming exercises and learn about the adolescent brain to understand how adolescents perceive present and future health risks. We will also discuss some practical tips on how your practice can continue to develop a young person friendly service.


This course requires no prerequisite knowledge of the subject matter, however, the materials are best suited for non-clinical and administration surgery staff members.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Dr Stephanie Lamb

Dr Lamb is the Children and Young People's Health Partnership (CYPHP) Programme GP Lead, co-founder of the Well Centre and a GP partner at Herne Hill Group Practice.

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Dr Nicola Hanson

Dr Hanson is a GP in South London and also works at The Well Centre.

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