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Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat

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About This Course

Manuscript illumination, which has been emerged with abstract and naturalistic features, is considered a national art in Afghanistan. In addition to being used for various purposes, it has been mainly used for decoration of religious, scholarly, and historical manuscripts. The content of this course addresses two main objectives: (a) contemporary manuscript illumination of Herat-focusing on principles of Herat Timurid School of Art (9th & 10th century A.H.S); (b) contemporary manuscript illumination of Herat in accordance to the contemporary manuscript illumination structures and forms of Herat.

During this six-week course, the following major topics will be covered:

  1. paper background preparation methods for miniature and manuscript illumination;
  2. designing manuscript illumination patterns: an introduction and explanation of their characteristics;
  3. introducing ways for decorating elements of manuscript illumination for a particular pattern or design, having various rhythms;
  4. methods of applying gold leaf on papers;
  5. ways for selecting colors and coloring papers in manuscript illumination;
  6. methods for holding pen and brush for the purpose of provoking and accentuating patterns.
  7. This course will be taught by Professor Ahmad Shoaib Saljoqi, who has designed and decorated hundreds of illuminated manuscripts.

    We expect the participants to practice the 4 Cs of 21st century skills throughout the course:

    • Critical thinking: ask questions, listen attentively to other perspectives, and search for solutions to problems.
    • Creativity: feel free to use your imaginations, try new things, and think outside the box.
    • Collaboration: work with other course participants, and be ready to learn with others.
    • Communication: use respectful and academic language at all times;

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    Who Is This Course for?
    The Contemporary Manuscript Illumination of Herat is for those who are interested in art, specifically in manuscript illumination.
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    This course requires 8-10 hours of effort per week.
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