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Module 5 - System of Care Expansion Toolkit



How do you assess progress in SOC expansion? Module 5 addresses the assessment process at the three levels of SOC expansion: State, Tribal, and Territorial; Community; and Child and Family. Assessment enables one to monitor the implementation of SOC expansion efforts at multiple levels and over time. 

In order to assess progress over time at each level, SOCs can use an online rating tool to estimate the level of implementation. Module 5 covers the types of information gathered from this rating tool, as well as the many ways in which this information is employed.

In addition, Module 5 reviews the SOC values and principles and lists the various indicators for the successful maintenance of these values. The module ends with an overview of the SOC rating tool respondents, including a summary of previous responses, before relaying the Keys to SOC expansion, one of the most important of which is to always remember that SOC expansion is not a “project” but sustainable systemic changes to improve services and outcomes.