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Module 4 - System of Care Expansion Toolkit



What are effective strategies for SOC Expansion? Module 4 begins with a brief overview of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Theory of Change before detailing the specifics of how it relates to SOC expansion. 

System of Care expansion is not so much a “project,” but a realistic means of enacting systemic change to improve services and outcomes. Module 4 elaborates on SOC expansion as such with regard to the two levels of change (i.e. local and state) and the Five Core Strategy Areas: (1) Implementing Policy and Partnership Changes, (2) Developing or Expanding Services and Supports Based on the SOC Philosophy and Approach, (3) Creating or Improving Financing Strategies, (4) Providing Training, TA, and Coaching, and (5) Generating Support through Strategic Communications.

In addition, Module 4 covers Policy, Regulatory, and Partnership Changes; Expanding Services and Supports; Financing Strategies; Training and Technical Assistance; and the Infusion of SOC Values into Expansion Efforts. References to particular state examples occur throughout the module in order to connect SOC expansion theory with praxis.