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Module 3 - System of Care Expansion Toolkit



How do you get started in SOC expansion? Module 3 covers the initial phases of SOC expansion, enabling learners to identify and describe the required components for it. The module begins by highlighting the five core strategy areas in the planning process: Policy and Partnership Changes; Services and Supports; Financing Strategies; Training, TA, and Coaching; and Strategic Communications. Together, these make up the Goals and Strategies Table, which proves invaluable in developing a strategic plan.

Additionally, Module 3 addresses the common factors that affect SOC expansion, such as having realistic goals and specific strategies, as well as how to assess progress at system, community, and child and family levels.

After covering the assessment aspect of SOC expansion, Module 3 offers several guides for managing the expansion process, such as the Expansion Planning Guide, Expansion Implementation Guide, and Financing Plan Guide. These are intended to provide learners with in-depth information concerning the most important aspects of initiating SOC expansion.