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Developing a Teaching Portfolio

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About This Course

Developing a Teaching Portfolio

This course consists of four sessions, which progressively guides you towards a deeper understanding of how to construct a portfolio about your teaching experiences in higher education as well as your on-going development as a university teacher. We would like to point out that teaching is a complex endeavor and documenting your teaching is an equally challenging and dynamic process. In other words, there is no 'one size fits all approach' or simple 'tips and tricks' to being a good teacher; you have to develop the knowledge, skills, values and capabilities of good university teaching over time by learning from and with other colleagues and peers. Likewise, preparing a teaching portfolio cannot be done overnight, nor over a couple of weeks - it requires effort to collect multiple sources of evidence, analyse and interpret what you have collected over time, reflect, share and evaluate your practice and to write down these insights in a coherent, consistent and meaningful way.

Course Staff

Assoc Prof Lee Kooi Cheng

A/P Lee Kooi Cheng

Kooi Cheng LEE is Director of the Centre for English Language Communication. Concurrently, she has a joint appointment at Tembusu College where she serves as Deputy Master. Her main interests are in the use of technology in (English) language teaching and learning and assessments. She also has a keen interest in the impact of experiential learning and living-learning programmes on undergraduate students' university experience.

Kooi Cheng is co-Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (AJSoTL), Editorial Board member of SoTL in the South, Asian Journal of English Language Studies (AJELS), e-Foreign Language Teaching (e-FLT), Register, and Asia-Pacific Journal of Educators and Education (APJEE). Her publications range from English language teaching and communication to academic development and living-learning programmes. She is principal and co-investigator of respective grants funded by the university, Ministry of Education, and Temasek Foundation.

Mark Gan

Dr Mark Gan Joo Seng

Mark Gan is Associate Director of the Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning. He plays a key role in the development, implementation and promotion of professional learning initiatives such as Teaching Portfolio development, Educational Grant writing and Learning Communities. He collaborates with faculty members and international partners to research, support and advocate for academic development in higher education.

Mark holds a PhD in Education from the University of Auckland, with strong research interests’ in feedback and assessment practices. He has led a number of educational research projects funded by the university and the Ministry of Education.

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