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Interactive Science Showcase


Teaching science with interactive modules

In this course, we will learn the formation of stellar absorption line and Lyman-alpha forest in an interactive way. These are among the first interactive modules dedicated in teaching scientific topics at Harvard. Sometimes, difficult concepts in science are best taught in a way such that students can tweak the parameters and experience how they change the results. Our main goal of this course is to provide such an example. These interactive modules can be easily incorporated in a class, as well as be distributed as additional reading materials.

Don't want to register for EdX? You can also view the interactive modules by clicking here. Image credits: Benjamin SiewMeng Chee

Course Staff

Yuan-Sen Ting (Harvard University)

Lead developer

Andrew Pontzen (Oxford University)


Alyssa Goodman (Harvard University)


Steven R. Cranmer (Harvard University)

Advanced teaching text on stellar line formation

Bruce Peterson (The Australian National University)

Advanced teaching text on Lyman-alpha forest