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Personal Finance in the Elementary Grades

Colorado Council for Economic Education

Course Information

This course is for any teacher, school or district interested in incorporating personal financial literacy (PFL) with economic reasoning into their elementary (K-5) curriculum. Personal Finance is now an assessed standard in nearly all states and teachers are faced with the challenge of delivering new and unfamiliar content. Personal Finance in the Elementary Grades provides fundamental understanding of finance and economics that is essential for effective teaching.

To watch these films and participate in discussions, simply register using the link above.

The Economy is Like a River

These resources are also available in three other forms:

  • Accredited Professional Development for Elementary School Teachers (Fee)
  • Self-Paced Online Learning (Fee - Available Soon)
  • YouTube Channel (free)

Accredited Professional Development Course:  We choose our risk carefully.

Teachers taking this standards-based course can expect to receive professional development in three dimensions: 
  1. content from a university professor familiar with PFL; 
  2. pedagogy and methods from elementary teachers experienced in PFL (grade bands K-2 and 3-5 separated); 
  3. grade-level appropriate resources that are classroom ready (Financial Fitness for Life). The course has been designed to be engaging and enlightening and will be managed by a professor experienced in the online learning environment.

Self-Paced Online Course:
Supporting Teachers in the Classroom

This online course is similar to the fully accredited course, however, it has been adapted for self-paced learning. It is ideal for any teacher or school district that does not require accreditation or professional development certification. It is self-paced for teachers who do not wish to be enrolled in a course calendar. It is also less costly.

YouTube Channel
Whimsical Stories

This is a collection of more than four hours of films covering fundamental principles of finance and economics. These films are easy to follow and fun to watch featuring interesting personalities, stories, and the sound pedagogy of a college course. These resources are available here. A less complete version is available as a

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Katherine Sauer, PhD
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