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Course Staff

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Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (BS Berkeley) is a fifth year graduate student in Dan Klein's natural language processing research group. He likes unsupervised learning and fast cars.

Jonathan Kummerfeld

Jonathan Kummerfeld (BS Sydney) is a fourth year graduate student in Dan Klein's natural language processing  research group. He has worked on tools automated error analysis, applying NLP to discussion forums used for the underground economy, and on grounded semantics, trying to understand language in the context of the board game Diplomacy.


Faraz Tavakoli

Faraz is a Homo sapiens sapiens, born and raised on Earth. Perhaps, these statements need not to be vacuously true!

Brian Hou

Brian is a third year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


Alvin Wong

Alvin is a fourth year undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is working as a research assistant under Pieter Abbeel and is currently working on helicopter visualization and machine learning. He is interested in artificial intelligence and algorithms, especially in video game programming.