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Applied Impact Evaluation



The online course on Applied Impact Evaluation Methods covers conceptual and empirical issues related to the identification and estimation of causal effects in the context of the evaluation of social programs and public policies. The course is designed for applied researchers interested in learning about modern impact evaluation techniques and improving their capacity to apply these skills in the field. As such, the course includes an important empirical portion devoted to the implementation of these techniques in Stata.


Familiarity with basic econometrics and statistics, a core understanding of impact evaluation techniques, and access to a recent version of Stata is required.

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis Software
  • Review of Regressions
  • Experimental Methods: Randomized Control Trials
  • Problems with Experiments
  • Difference-in-Difference
  • Regression Discontinuity Design
  • Power Calculations
  • Applied Fieldwork Techniques